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Information and FAQs

Here's a few questions I am often asked about my work.
If you have other questions, please get in touch.

I am nervous about having professional wedding photos taken. I never like pictures of myself. How can I relax?

I will help you to feel at ease. I hate having my photo taken too. I pay attention to every detail and will look after you so you can stop worrying. I want you to feel confident and enjoy the experience of your wedding day.

Do you use Photoshop to retouch the images?

Yes I do. I will take away anything I think I wouldn’t want visible. No one looks like they have had plastic surgery, but everyone looks like the best version of themselves.

My boyfriend hates having his picture taken.

I don’t think many people enjoy it but once he sees that we can have a laugh and it won’t take much time, he should be onboard. I might show him some images of himself as we go, this usually works. I will try to not make it boring or tedious.

Should I have an album?

Will you direct me?

I will guide you so you don’t feel silly and awkward.

I am worried about the photography because at my cousin’s wedding the photographer took over and dominated everything. Everyone was talking about how annoying he was. Will it be painless?

I will try to make it painless and fast. I think you will want to look back and see a lot of photos. The last thing I will do, is use up your time being slow and tedious. I work fast and will have a plan so the photos don’t dominate the day.

Can we meet before the wedding day?

I try to meet couples at their wedding venue before the day so we can talk about your plans and worries. We can walk through the day and discuss where would be best to take photos.

How do I choose the photos for my wedding album?

It’s easy you get all your photographs in an online gallery, and when you view each photo there is the option press a heart, to like your favourites. These choices are kept in a file called ’favourites’. When you have chosen all your favourites, tell me and I will get a first draft of your album designed. You should have your first draft design within a week. You can make changes and when you are happy I can make the order. The album should drive within three weeks.

If you like more than 75 images you can add pages at an additional cost.

How much are albums?

My wedding photo albums start at £500

Can I order prints?

You can order prints, framed images and extra albums. Just ask me about it.

Contact me about your wedding photos

Check my availability for your wedding, or just ask me a question about my photography style/process.